Creative Solutions To Upgrade Your Business

Do you ever get curious about other people’s business? Perhaps you’ve wondered how a company is able to constantly amass new clients? How they are able to constantly grow their business. You might even wonder how it is that they’re able to do it.

Well, before we dissect the issue with other businesses, let me take a moment here to talk about who needs to buy a consultant. Who does that? It is very simple. People want to upgrade their business! People, when they can, do things that make their business grow!

Talking about business? That means practically anyone anywhere! Not only do people need to upgrade their business, but you also need to upgrade your business, too!

The third phase is the process. The third phase of product design and process is the creative solution of your processes. You need to get a handle on your entire business, what is good, what is not good, and what you need to do to get better. If you are not improving in these three areas, you should make a move to do that.

However, it gets so simple, when you have a plan for your business you can implement it and you know what you are doing.

I would start by asking a couple of very simple, yet definite questions. At one end of the spectrum, “How are we doing currently? Is our business there or is it close?” Or, “How do we need to grow?” Until you answer these questions, a lot of people will continue to operate as though there is greatness on the other end. There really is. standpoint, there is a lot of greatness in the area of your business.

At the other end of the spectrum, “How about we really start looking at what our business needs to do so we can grow?” Now you seem like a bit strange person to ask “how are we doing? Is our business there?” and yet here you are in your issue areas aren’t you? Really think about doing a simple thing like, on a scale of one to ten our product. Many people just get lost there, don’t they?

You are a product of your organization…not only of your company. You are in a position, as a business coach, to help take your product forefront. You have more leverage as an individual and you do have the potential to maximize it.

Staying with this concept, “how are we doing?” I ask you this again. Who do you know that has a really good product? People like Google, Apple, Blackberries, etc. Regardless of whether you have a product, you need a product. It doesn’t matter what simply having one is important. Each of these companies had a product that was great, but it wasn’t the best. That is the point of not only having a good product, but you also need to make sure it is good!

So, for example, what if I ask you “I don’t have anything new to offer you, would you like me to give you some advice on how to make your product better?”

Now, it’s important, don’t you think, that they wouldn’t have even considered looking at your product if there was some kind of resistance in there even if it was just as good or better than your more expensive product. BAM! That’s where you leverage what you have. Stop thinking, “that’s not going to work for me!”

So, learn from many people that have experienced it for yourself, not because they’re some kind of guru.

After you get off that course, hire another consultant. Simply do Google your name. Google online marketing consultants, whitepapers, religious bookstores. Find one with what you are looking for. Hire them! Then, come back two weeks later, you can teach them a little more about what makes your particular project truly successful and your return investment will be far less.

The third major (subset) of the phrase “how are we doing” is Prospecting. There are 2 keys to both of these: Are they promoting or trying to sell you something? It’s natural to start off focusing strictly on selling because that’s what you’re trained to do. However, without some measure of a bit of the former, you aren’t really teaching anyone anything. Additionally, it’s a bit unethical to only deliver what you are Teach in your offering. That’s a total turn-off to the people. If you’re generating products…give them something to buy!